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A cancelled flight resulted in the beginning of the American dream for the Norwegian musician Daniel Borge. 

As faith wanted it, a cancelled flight marks the beginning of Daniel Borges career as a musician. This is the story of a Norwegian man attending Nashville CMA festival in June, who returned home to Norway with a deal for recording an EP in Nashville. As if that wasn’t enough, back home in Norway he received a phone call from somebody wanted to start a brand new countryband.

Daniel Borge is a brand new name in Norwegian music. Borge has a lot of musical experience. He has spent time polishing his vocal abilities performing worship songs at local churches and other private arrangements. His interest in music started early, by age five he learned how to play the guitar. Even though he´s always loved music, writing and performing, he didn’t start chasing the dream to make music a living until a year ago. And the real kick off happened in June 2019.


Singel release: "Only me" is about no mather how dark things might seem, there's always help.  

In June Borge went to Nashville with his wife and some friends. The plan was to enjoy the CMA festival, the music and all that the town has to offer; music and atmosphere. As the weekend ended, Borge found himself at BNA airport ready to leave. About to enter the plane, an announcement was made over the speakers. The flight was cancelled due to bad weather. Borge and his friends went back to Broadway, to kill some time before their new flight. Borge knew that Kinsey Rose had a show at Legends Corner(venue at broadway), and they all decided to go see her. 

Kinsey Rose is an artist that often travels to Norway. She has participated in various festivals and collaborations with other Norwegian artists. Kinsey Rose knew that Borge could sing, and invited him up on stage. Borge sang «Old habits like you» by Hank Williams Jr, and the audience was thrilled. Among the audience an other man listned. This man was Tony Olson, a songwriter. He approached Borge and asked him if he was interested in a collaboration

- He said that he had been searching for a voice like mine for his songs! He has made me belive so much more in myself! He is a guy that lifts you up and makes you belive that your dreams will come true. 

Nervous: Performing in Nashville isn't an everyday happening. Especially if your Norwegian. 


Friends: Norwegian Daniel Borge wirth awardwinning songwriter Tony Olson. Over the years, Olson has contributed to the music world in many ways.  His most recent success, announced on Sept. 30, 2019, was winning an award for “Best Modern Country Song” in the World Songwriting Awards of 2019! 

When Borge eventually got back home, he received a phone call. The well known Norwegian musicians T. Michaelsen and Ole K. Ruud asked if he would like to join them and make a new country music band. They had seen the recording of Danny performing in Nashville. The trio decided to form Bordeville band, and are currently working on their original songs for an upcoming album 2020. 


Great voices put together: Borderville band. 

In September Borge went back to Nashville for recording four of Olsons songs. His first single «only me» was released October 27th, and will be performed for the first time during a Christmas gohspel concert in Norway, where also the well known American group «The Isaacs» and singer Michael Lee will contribute.


Christmas Country in Eiken, Norway.

The next single off the EP is expected November 19th. The future is exciting for Borge, both as a solo artist and as a part of Borderville Band. 

Read about Tony Olson and his recent success in "Living in the news" here. 

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