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Matt Bennett - Bad Women

Oppdatert: 5. nov. 2020

Friends with boots Matt just released a new single and a belonging lyric video. Here’s Boots review and the video. Enjoy!

Some people are just destined to meet the perfect catastrophe. And some can’t quite fix the bad habit of it either. That’s exactly what Matt Bennett explains in his new catchy single “Bad Women”.

Matt Bennett has taken his Norwegian listeners by storm after the release of the single “Mustache” a few years ago. No wonder, his funny, but yet with a serious storytelling, relates to many Norwegians, as we’re used to, and absolutely LOVE, humor in music lyrics.

A year ago Matt released his debut album, «Hi Matt», packed with songs that are of strong Matt Bennett identity; ballads and party tunes made for your playlists.

Now it’s time for new music and “Bad Women” is (believe it or not!) exactly what we need. The song has a rockabilly upbeat to it, signed with Matt Bennetts funny lyrics, making this tragic story into a full blast show.

Weather you can relate to the “bad habits” of mixing oil with water, or know someone that doesn’t see the red flags over and over again, Matt teaches us that life’s too short to complain about unlucky love.

We might as well party to it!

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