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Music review: A piece of art you don't want to miss. "Even Elephants"

Elephants are amazing. They’re wise and full of love for their family. They have great self awareness and are full of empathy. They’re great at communicating. Did you know elephants hear well as well? Even things that we humans can’t hear.

Quick about Michael Pace

A Nashville based artist from Sudbury, MA.

“My family. we weren´t a musical family with musicians left and right in our ranks, but we sang throughout the day, in the kitchen when cooking, in the morning on the way to school, its always been a big part of my relationship with my family. Finally around sophomore year of college, my mom got me a guitar and I began playing on the back porch of my fraternity house. I never really looked back from there.”

He’a a talented singer for sure, and describes himself as Red Clay country as its too “Texas” to be mainstream, but too mainstream to be Texas Country.

(source; Pace To

Boots agrees to his own reflections. He’s got a contemporary sound that knows it’s roots. And he is a great vocalist. However, the songs lyrics reveals an artist with more to offer than just a great vocal. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant.

A deep dive into the lyrics:

The song is truly a piece of art, with hidden messages beautifully placed surrounded by the light climpingering of a guitar and some harmonica, for you as a listener to discover the hidden treasures in the text. The song is full of metaphors and makes room for the listener to reflect. The magic happens already at the opening line.

“I promise you mister we met I swear. Cause you offered your hand and got a wandering stare. I apologize if I didn't seem to care. But I promise you mister we've met I swear."

Dealing with dementia, you’re often set to repeate things you just said. Without the artist singing it directly, the listener that actually listen will understand the theme of the song. Also, by this simple opening verse the artist gives us a clue of their relationship. It's a relation of respect.

“Your daughter, my mama has been a saint to me. Thought me all the colors in my abc’s”

And, yes. Like another stroke of magic, the artist reviles that this is song is about his grandfather. We also learn that he's a wonderful, honorable man, who raised his daughter to become a good mama. The singer reflects upon his great childhood, given to the daughter of this great man.

“Cause even good drivers cross yellow lights, forget to use a blinker when turning right.”

Going through life we know forgetting is normal. Even things that we really shouldn’t miss. Like a visit to the ones we love, or traffic rules.

We all know how it feels to forget right? It’s also something we remind ourself of, meeting people that know they forget. And the forgetting hurts. Both the sick and the relatives.

“Some sunny days refuse to shine cause clouds keeps passing through”

Life isn’t always as clear for all.

«There’s a picture on the table of you and I. coming home with donuts and a big ol’ smile»

In a photo time stands still, right? A perfect moment captured for all future.

And isn’t it funny how we always remember the treats our grandparents gives us. Grandparents and treats belong together.

«I guess it’s been a while since I stopped by.... Damn I love that picture of you and I»

Stopping by might hurt a whole lot. Cause the real picture has changed.

I’m a good driver most of the time, but I turn without a blinker at the Main Street light.

In life we try to maneuver right. Even so we forget important things, like sending the right signals to those that maneuver around us.

Got a half a dozen donuts but now there’s only 5. The rest I brought for you
Mr. elephant I won’t forget you.

Cause the love we have for close people in our lives is forever. Unconditionally.


The song is brilliantly written, full of metaphors.

A quote says;

“The most important thing in conversation is hearing what's not said”

That’s a wonderful way to describe “Even Elephants.

The song with it’s delicate production touches deep levels of emotions. I think all people dealing with relatives that’s got dementia will deeply relate to this song.

I guess even solid, family loving, great listeners, and wise

elephants forget things too.

And yes.

Boots has got an elephant too.

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