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NEW SINGLE: Norwegian Sigrid Fossan is singing about where her soul belongs

The Norwegian artist is finally releasing a single from her new project, a single off her EP set to drop this summer. Read what Boots thinks of it!

The song is beautifully told, and I think whether or not you belong to the countryside, you can feel the longing she is singing about. The song is so special, filled with typical Norwegian "memories", like grandmother's coffee table and lumberjack houses. The Norwegian fiddle really underlines the nationalism to it. Yet again, it's has a true country feeling to it. Sigrids Vocals are beautiful, delicate, and pure, and the English is impeccable.

This is great Norwegian country, and a piece of music Norwegians can be proud of internationally.

Boots will have an Instagram Live with Sigrid at monday may the 3rd, at 22.00.



"The idea to write Country Soul came to me on a crowded train to Lysaker in Norway, where I started longing for the countryside.

In the song, I dream about the local river, farm life and the silence

of my small hometown Rollag. Take a listen, Country Soul."

- Sigrid Fossan -

Sigrid Fossan from Rollag in Numedal has previously recorded songs in Los Angeles, had local success with the folk song Numedalssongen, and played stages like Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Studentsamfunnet in Aas. This summer, she's releasing her first EP, where the songs are inspired by hardworking farmers, women's empowerment and rural landscapes. The first single Country Soul has some roots in folk music, with the traditional Norwegian instrument Hardanger fiddle as a central element.

Sigrids producer, Hugo Risdal, is known from playing in the band of Norwegian televison programs The Voice and Beat for Beat. He has also produced Norwegian Idol winner Siri Vølstad Jensen's album "Coming Home". Johanne Flottorp, who was nominated for a Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) in 2021, plays Hardanger fiddle on Country Soul. Peter Michelsen, known from the successful Norwegian band Donkeyboy, was the studio technician and mixer.


The song was played exclusively at Boots of Europe's radio show, at and is set in rotation at Norwegian Country Radio.

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