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Boots of Norway vil rette en stor takk til disse personene som har bidratt med sin kunnskap og støtte i året som har gått. For et nystartet konsept som Boots of Norway er, har det vært utrolig lærerikt og ikke minst viktig å få en så unik innsikt i musikkindustrien, både i Norge og i utlandet.

Boots of Norway would like to give a huge thank you to the following people. They have shared their knowledge and showed support for this new concept of sharing country music, both here in Norway but also abroad.

Samarbeidet er ikke betalt! No one of these connections are payed.

Thank you so much!

Staysman is known in Norway for being one of our most loved musicians and TV-personalities. He also does an amazing job of supporting musicians from all genres. He's on a really busy schedule, as production companies and others are interested in working with him for almost all there is. This year he's been doing a summer song concert with the Norwegian TV2, called "Allsang på Grensen"; he's been writing a book about Beer; he's been a judge in NRK "Stjernekampen" (battle of the stars) and joined in on a "wildlife" trip with Lars Monsen, in addition to the release of several singles both on his own and in cooperation with others.

Event though he's known for not being self conscious, to say it light, he has a background in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Chris Lee have been a corresponding person for Boots of Norway. He's a mind coach, but also a musician himself. Boots of Norway have had the great pleasure of joining in on his mindset challenge.

Most of all, Chris Lee have become a true friend to Boots of Norway.

Indigoboom have been an amazing support to legal questions regarding streaming and playlist submissions. They work with plenty of Norwegian artist, such as Sissel Kyrkebø and Ole Evenrud, in addition to many, many more artists. They specialize in independent artists world wide.

Davis Branch have, through the year, worked with several Norwegian artists, producing their music and done cowrites. Boots of Norway have had the pleasure of connecting artists all over the world to Davis Branch. Davis Branch have been an amazing supporter of the artists he has worked with. His job doesn't stop after payment, but he continues to promote and support. He's also supported Boots Of Norway and worked as a correspondent.

Davis Branch has an degree in English. He also has great experience from doing cowrites with many artists, as Sean Stemalys breakthrough single, "Georgia".

Scott Scovill is the CEO of the production company MooTV Nashville, working with artists like Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and many more. He's been a correspondent partner for Boots of Norway. Scott Scovill is also known in Norway for being an artist himself. He's considered a true friend of Norway. He is also an artist that's considered "Friends With Boots".

Tore Håland is the owner of Norwegian country radio. He´s been an amazing correspondent person for Boots Of Norway. His experience and knowledge in the music industry in Norway have been irreplaceable. He's a supporter like no other when it comes to independent musicians.

CountryRadio.Uk are doing an amazing job of spreading country music. They have also offered Boots Of Norway a show at the station. Their support have been beyond words and Boots Of Norway is super excited to continue the cooperation.

Rob Beckham is the CEO of AMG, Artist Management Group. AMG manage artists like Chris Young, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Kane Brown and more. Rob Beckham has still taken his time to guide Boots Of Norway and support the concept.

Rachel Sellick is the CEO of the British country music management agency Scarlet River management. Her support and sharing of knowledge have been important to Boots of Norway.

Thank you for everything! Boots of Norway look forward to another new year with you all.

Boots Of Norway,

Linda Eriksen.

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