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PRODUCERS from Nashville


Davis Branch: 

“Originally from Georgia, Davis Branch is a writer-producer working in Nashville TN. He has over 50 independent cuts. He co-wrote “Georgia” for Big Loud recording artist Sean Stemaly and co-wrote half of River House Artists’ Jordan Rowe’s debut EP. He has worked with Norwegian artists such as Daniel Borge, Nikita Skogen, Hilde Borge, and Andreas Hartman helping them shape their sound.”

Boots Of Norway has had the pleasure to connect Norwegian artists to this producer and songwriter. Boots can highly recommend Norwegian artist to work with Branch; 

- He now has great experience working with Norwegians, and solving pronunciation issues.

- He is also a writer with an English degree.  

- He's working with all kinds of artist in Nashville and have a solid network. 

- He follows the artists journey in music and helps promoting. 

Artist recommendations:

Contact Branch directly on Facebook or instagram for prices. 

Spotify link for songs he's produced and written.

john griffin

John M. Griffin:

Has great experience with working with Swedish artists, like Jake Lindholm, Belinda Carlene, and Emma Svensson. 

Connect with him on Facebook or instagram.

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